Making Home Lab. Part 1

Making Home Lab. Part 1

Due to a lot of experience that I have with real networking hardware, it is not mandatory to have a Home Lab to pass CCNA R&S. However, I’ve decided that it could be extremely useful for my further professional development to have a lab at home.

It is understood that there are two options:

Option 1. Buy real Cisco gear on Ebay


  • real hardware


  • lack of flexibility
  • quite expensive
  • noisy
  • require a lot of space


Cisco Certification

I have been around networks for over 8 years and I always have had a dream to become a CCIE. Now It is time to set the GOAL and to start my journey.

So that I’ve started studying for the CCNA R&S exam and thought I would put my notes on this blog. It might be useful for me and hopefully, my notes can be helpful to someone else. These notes are based on CCNAR&S 200-125 Official Cert Guide and CBT Nuggets.

Cisco native VLAN mystery revealed

Many people have trouble understanding cisco’s native vlan idea. Actually, it is very simple.

Let’s start with statement, that the native VLAN has two functions:

  1. It tags incoming untagged frames on trunk links with the native VLAN.
  2. It untags outgoing frames that has already been tagged with same VLAN that is being used for the native VLAN on the trunk.