After cli command we can enter to:

Operational MODE:


Save rescue config

To get back to rescue config:

Delete uncommitted commands

Show CPU, mem, and temperature

Show int traffic

Restart a process

Reboot router

Clean UP

Configurational MODE:

Turning off  smth

Load factory default config

Set root pass

Create new user

Turn on WEB

Turn on ssh


Change one port to the another

Change IP address without deleting it:

Copy a part of config to the another branch:

Go to top level:

Enter operational commands while editing:

Check config without commit:

Commit at the time:

Cancel commit at the time:

Commit to the rollback in time:


To see changes without committing:


Add ports to  VLAN:


Security zones:

Allow all host traffic in trust

Allow all host protocols in trust

Add interfaces in trust

Create trust-to-trust policy: